How to install Dragon Naturally Speaking

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How to install Dragon Naturally Speaking ?

Installing dragon is very easy and anyone can install dragon on windows, mac or mobile devices. Installing dragon does not require any technical knowledge. If you need help how to install dragon naturally speaking windows or mac than below are few easy steps to follow.

Step 1 : Close all open applications.

Step 2 : Insert the Dragon NaturallySpeaking CD into a DVD drive.
You will get CD run box on the computer screen click on the install.

Note: Turn off your antivirus if it is causing issue otherwise go ahead with the installation directly if there is no issue in installing.

Step 3 : Follow all positive response on the screen like run, install or next.

Step 4 : Fill all customer information including the serial number that comes with the Dragon NaturallySpeaking installation CD/DVD.

Note: If it asks you to save in drive it is recommended that you save it in C:\Program Files\Nuance\NaturallySpeaking15

Step 5 : Now Dragon will take 15-20 minutes to install on the computer.

Step 6 : After installation it will open automatically and you will get a pop up box to enter the serial key again so you need to enter it and than it will ask you to register the product you need to register at the same time to fill the customer information email etc and choose the password for the future login.

Step 7 : Once serial key is registered close all the applications including dragon and open it again now you can use the dragon for all your speaking purposes and applications like ms office, email or open any saved document on the desktop..

Note : Same way you can install dragon naturally speaking on mac computers .

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