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Contact Number

nuance dragon supportDragon NaturallySpeaking Contact Number +1-888-432-7932. This is the contact number for support.

Any product of dragon call +1-888-432-7932 and get the problem resolved by a highly certified technician.

We Support all Dragon NaturallySpeaking Products

Dragon is not connected

Dragon not connected mean your nuance dragon speech recognition software is not able to function on your device. That’s why you are getting dragon not connected error.

Dragon Dictate issue

Dragon speech to text program can have many issues. one is dragon dictate issue when you voice is not reaching to dragon speech to text software.

Dragon installation issue

Common nuance dragon installation issues are listed here. dragon transcription digital download files every time.

Dragon installation on device error.

Dragon dictation installation problems.

Dragon speech to text installation errors. for any installation issues call support immediately.

Dragon naturallyspeaking setup

Nuance dragon naturallysepaking setup is very simple. if you are running issue on setting up nuance speech to text online software , you must contact support.

Dragon transcription has common setup issues that has ways to fix dragon naturallyspeaking setup.

Dragon microphone is sensitive

Nuance dragon speech recognition software is strong dictation software. you muct have good quality dragon microphone for better quality.

Dragon transcription and speech to text software can be found here.

Dragon naturallyspeaking microphone sensitive
Troubleshooting with dragon

Nuance dragon speech to text software can be fixed by following basic troubleshooting with dragon. Just browse the help bar on dragon speech recognition software.

Restart the dragon dictation program once. if you still getting problem on nuance dragon NaturallySpeaking software then call support at +1-888-432-7932.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12

Nuance dragon naturallyspeaking 12 is older version.

Version 12 has been upgraded by 13. now latest dragon naturallyspeaking 15.3 is available.

Dragon transcription software have been up to high for people with workload. any issues with nuance dragon naturallyspeaking 12 call support number given on this page.

Nuance dragon naturallyspeaking support number is on this page.

Dragon dictation help can be availed on the same support number. best phone number for dragon naturallyspeaking support is here.

You can chat with dragon customer service as well.

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